How can my code read values from XBee via USB?

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I apologize if the question was already asked in this forum but I couldn’t find the answer.

I have a working point-to-point connection between two XBees S1 in AT mode. The remote XBee is sending sensor readings. In X-CTU’s terminal I can see the sensor values received by the local XBee sitting on an XBee Explorer USB.

Now I’d like to write a piece of code that can read these values. What programming language/libraries/OS would you recommend? Ideally I would like something OS-independent but its not a necessity. A link to some tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

I am software guy so I am very excited to have the hardware part of my project wrapped up. This is the missing piece of the puzzle so thanks in advance for your help.



Digi Connect Port gateway will be a good solution for you. It can read values directly from sensors and can process it according to program coded by user.

These gateway supports python language. Its very simple and similar to C lang.

You can find good tutorials on youtube. One good tutorial for python is

You should better use xbee-api java library if you are a software guy. There are several example program in that package. You can use xbee explorer usb to read the values.

I work with an XBee USB Explorer from It has an FTDI-Chip for USB connection.

There are two kinds of drivers available for this chip on : the Virtual Com Port driver emulates a normal com port. The FTD2XX driver alloes direct communication via an dll. Cosse the one that fits yout needs.


Hello everyone,

I know it’s an old thread, but just to point out that there is also a C library available at github:

It is discussed in this thread .