Xbee api receive sensor data

Hy everyone,
I have 2 xbee router AT, where they´re coupled to water sensors. The water sensor is connected to the pin3 of xbee (data in) and it sends pulses to the coordinator, that´s in API mode. If I turn on only one node talking to my coordinator, I can see the packets coming in the XCTU (received packet) and with an arduino coupled to the coordinator, I can read the received api frame (that arrives only when the water sensor is turning). This way I can take just the length byte and convert it into water flow (what I want to monitor).
But the problem is when I have more than one router, and I open the XCTU to see the incoming data, there are lots of packets coming everytime, not only in the moment that the sensor is turning.

What I want is: take only the bytes that matter to me: length (where I can take the data, the water flow) and source adress (I need to know where the data is coming from), and prints this. I´m trying to code in C++, using an Arduino UNO on the coordinator side, but I´m not being able to do this yet. Any ideia or clue? thanks