DIA Application Sensor Values to own server


I would like to take Analog Sensor Values from some Remote XBee Nodes an send the converted values to my own server via HTTP GET.

My XBee Network works fine, I get I/O Sample Packages every 60s. Now I have to develop something that takes the packages, extract the I/O Values, converts it and sends a http get like

I’ve tried this with the XIG but maybe the DIA would be a better solution. Does anyone have tips or links to handle with that.
My central issue is the converting point. There is an example in Digis ESP Software to take Samples from AIO Adapters but these handel with 10Vdc respectively 4-20mA and I will use my own Remote Nodes (readings 0-1,2V at normal DIO’s from XBee PRO S2B)

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Sorry the best I can think of is creating a socket for the address and port number. Then direct the data to that socket.

Thank you for that answer mvut.
You mean I should write a Python script for that?
That would lead to the next question. On the connectport I can find files amongst other a zigbee.py. That is the file wich handels sockets and something like that correct? But the File only includes a line
import _zigbee from xbee
Where can I find the correct files in the .zip directory are only pyc files.
Sorry if this are stupid questions.

Yes, I am referring that you write a python script to perform that function.

Try looking through the help files within the ESP software or the python.zip files that were installed and are used by the ESP software.

That is the problem. When I start ESP and try to run an example (device discovery) I always get the message:

ImportError: No module named xbee

Where are the xbee “Libraries” stored, respectively the python.zip file on the pc.

Try downloading the current Python drivers files from http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3632&type=software

I had to do a similar thing but with a few differencies, and I used DIA.
I have some xbees send data to the connectport every 5 min.

Instead of using the EDP_upload, wrote a similar custom device that subscribes to channels that I want, gets the value from each channel, puts all of them in a json document and then uses http requests to push the values to my server. It’s been working quite well for me so that is why I am suggesting it.

You can even manipulate the data before sending it.

It works in a very similar way to EDP_upload.

Try in C:\Program Files (x86)\Digi\python\DevTools-2.3\Python_Apps