ConnectME FTP/TFTP application upload fail


I’m having trouble uploading an image build from ESP (NET+OS 7.3) onto -S modules.

The application on the module currently is built with NET+OS 6.0f and includes FTP service. Trying to upload an image built on NET+OS 7.3 via FTP always gives Netout: Connection reset by peer errors.

Going the direct route (shorting pins 17-18) and using TFTP, the image uploads ok but fails with “Loaded Image is Invalid” errors when “Put TFTP’d Image into Flash” is selected.

Is there firmware incompatibility between older modules and NET+OS 7 images?

If you have developed your firmware in NET+OS you probably need -C type modules.

You can find some hints in this post,1275#4847
But I have still the same problem as I posted in that post… Image is loaded but not accepted.