Connectport X2 error log: netcx Server 0: Open serial 1: failed.


I would greatly appreciate any help regarding an error I am receiving.

I am trying to communicate with XIG on an X2 Gateway from an arduino/XBee pro station. I am running a simple program to send a url to the gateway, however it is not working and the following error keeps occurring in the X2 event log:

netcx Server 0: Open serial 1.
netcx Server 0: Open serial 1: failed.

I am not attempting to use a serial port, as the device is communicating wirelessly with the gateway, so I am quite confused as to what is going on here.

I would be extremely grateful for any help on this matter. Thank you for your time.

The XBee in the gateway is not accessed via a COM port. It is accessed via a socket call. For more information on it, I would suggest looking over the Gateways Developers manual.