ConnectPort X2 not compatible with Ember&TI+missing LED documentation


I just bought ConnectPort X2 S2, Ehternet,
PN (1P)50001527-02 D.
Device ID: 00000000-00000000-00409DFF-FF33B299
Firmware:2.6.4 (Version 82001596_A 09/27/2007)
POST: 1.1.3 (release_82001229_D)
Boot Version:1.1.2 (release_82001228_A)

When I run the discovery I am unable to see an Ember Zigbee devices because:

  • The network protocol in ConnectPort X2 is 001
  • The network protocol in Ember is 002

ConnectPort X2 is not using Zigbee Pro, there is any chance that you’re going to update it?

I have also a TI Zigbee sensor where I setup a AES password, also in this case ConnectPort X2 cannot see the other Zigbee device.

There is any possibility to setup a password for the Zigbee encription?

On the front panel there are 6 LED:

  1. I haven’t found the documentation that explain what are the LED
  2. Only the bottom left LED (RED) is flashing, what does it mean?


Here’s an explanation of the LEDs:

If you are looking at the LEDs with them facing you, the left row of three LEDs represents ZigBee Signal Status LEDs, the right row is Signal Strength.

ZigBee Signal Status LEDs indicate RF module activity:

Yellow (top LED): Serial Data Out (to host)
Green (middle): Serial Data In (from host)
Red (bottom): Power/Association Indicator. Indicates both power to the interface board and the network association status for the XBee module in the interface board.

Solid red: XBee module powered and not associated to a ZigBee network.

Flashing red: XBee module has associated to a ZigBee network.

For more information on this indicator, see the description of the D5 (DIO5 Configuration) parameter in the product manual for the XBee module.

Signal Strength LEDs indicate the amount of fade margin present in an active wireless link. The fade margin is the difference between the incoming signal strength and the module’s receiver sensitivity:

3 LEDs on: Very Strong Signal (> 30 dB fade margin)
2 LEDs on: Strong Signal (> 20 dB fade margin)
1 LED on: Moderate Signal (> 10 dB fade margin)
0 LED on: Weak Signal (< 10 dB fade margin)

Just to let you know, there is a request in to get this information included in a future release of the ConnectPort X Family Users Guide, so we are taking action to get the missing info about the LEDs added to the manual.