Connectport x4 as a rs485 gateway to xbee 485 adaptors. (Network cable replacement)

Hi, It is likely that this is multiple questions but I am stuck at the moment and running out of deadline time.

I have a ConnectPort x4 IA and two Xbee 485 Adapters, the X4 finds these devices on the xbee network as expected. What I need to do is to send Modbus commands to the all adaptors using RS485 to the X4, and be able to receive Modbus data back from the xbee 485 adapter with the addressed sensor attached. The system should act as effectively one big network. The X4 as coordinator and the xbe adapters as routers.

So I need some help with the following

  1. X4 com port configuration to RS485 and pinouts
  2. Send and receive “Modbus” data between X4 and Adapters
  3. I understand this will take some Python code but I cannot find any help with this.

Sorry if this is a bit of a big ask, but if I can get this working we will be incorporating these parts into our updated designs.

Best regards

No this does not require python code. Look at the Industrial Automation section of the Web UI of the Gateway. If I recall there is a Modbus Wizard built in for that.