MODBUS + Wire replacement with Connect Port X4


I would like to use the Connect Port X4 with a PC Master Modbus (wired) and several Slave Modbus devices with 485 XBee Adapters.

I have another serial device NOT modbus, and I would like to use the same CPX4 and other 232 Adapter as “Wire replacement”.

¿is it possible to use Modbus Industrial Protocol and a virtual Com in order to configure a Wire Replacement and a Modbus network, with the same CPX4?

I attached a pic that explain what I want to do.

Sorry for my english and thank you!

any suggestion?


You would need to write some Python code, plus understand how to use end-points to prevent the Modbus engine from conflicting with the raw protocol.

There is no easy, non-programing method to do it.