Serial port connection to modbus and vpn configuration CPX4

I’m designing a project based on ConnectPort X4, which will be used to gather data from few PM’s (connected to one XBee RS485 adapter) and a system of scales. Scales are already connected and monitored by SCADA application on PC. This application will be modified to allow me to send modbus requests through RS-232 serial cable. My question is, is it possible to connect this cable to serial port on ConnectPort X4 and send modbus RTU requests or I need to use XBee RS232 adapter to do this?

The second thing I would like to ask applies to VPN connection. I need to send gathered data to server on remote location. The CPX4 is connected to a LAN and have access to internet through a default gateway. Is it possible to configure a VPN connection to server (where I use for example Cisco RV082-EU router) or I need to use Connect Port WAN?

For Remote Access, the Connect Port X4 should be connected to iDigi and from there you can export the data to your remote PC or Mobile Application. For remote connection, you will be only required the internet connection on the gateway. The Internet connection can be either GPRS,Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

And for the ModBus problem, you can visit the following link.

Right now I have an python application running both on PC and cpx4 that allows to send and put data into my own database. The point is that the data is sent in clear text and I was wandering if it is a way to send it more secure (for example using VPN).

Well, an X4 with cellular should support the same VPN settings as WAN.

You could also look at simpler SSL. The X4 only supports 3.0, so perhaps the PC could query the X4 and use SSL3.1/TLS1.1 to your server.