Serial bridge Point-to-multipoint through CPX2


I would like to implement a master-slave system through a CPX2 802.15.4.

How can I access to the serial data flow on the CPX2 with no real-port on the master source over TCP/IP network?

My first approach was to configure the XBee module with the “broadcast” adress (DH and DL destination adress).

Next, I mark the “Enable serial access to the gateway radio”…

And now I need an IP and a port to properly configure the master source. (see attached pic). Which port can I use and where I configure it? (RealPort is not possible on source).

The protocol is 870-5-102 power meter reading.

Thank you in advance!

I would suggest to use IP port more than 5001.

Regarding real port, I hope it is not there. Not sure.

But Why don’t you use XBee python APIs and then pass data to the Master using client server TCP Architecture?

Thanks for your reply Mr. Shahrj1988. I tried to change the Port unsuccessfully.

We have serious time constraints on this project so we can’t develop any Python script similar to “Modbus Script”.

Perhaps the only fast solutions is to deploy an “extra” element (Serial 485Adapter) to the system and a Serial-Ethernet converter, but sure It’s not so elegant.

Any suggestion?


I hope there is the availability to access xbee serial port as the normal serial port in the previous versions of x2. But, I am not sure whether realport would work or not?

The other solution is to use CPX4 IOIOI port and use XBee 232 adapter and then you can impliment realport there.

In actual case ConnectPort X are made to deal as smart device with the user python script. I hope use of CPX4 and XBee 232 Adapter can solve your problem.