Connectport X2 and Realport

I am new to digi products , we have ordered some CP-X2s and i have noticed that the CP-X2 lack the support of Realport, although the product rely on the Connectme 4MB which supports Realport!
is there a way to add realport support to CP-X2, which should be a normal default behavior of the product?

The ConnectPort X2 has no built-on externally accessible serial port, which is why there’s no inherent Realport support.

In a soon-to-be-released ConnectPort X2 firmware, you’ll be able to access the serial port of the embedded ME, which is currently connected directly to the serial interface of the embedded RF Modem module.

Making this choice of “direct serial access to the radio” will disable Python from being used on the CP-X2 however.

Is there any way to use Realport to access the embedded RF module of the CP-X4?

I’ve looked through the web interface and I can’t see any options to make this work.

The only thing that shows up in Serial ports is the external serial port.


The CPX2 firmware with Python is 82001596_D1.

The CPX2 firmware without Python is 82001631_D1 (latest release dated 12-Nov-2008). Either can be loaded at will. The non-Python version allows use of Realport, TCP port 2101 or UDP 2101 to access the Xbee - you WILL need to properly format the API frames on your host to make use of Unicast packets on the mesh. This firmware can also bridge Modbus/TCP to Modbus/serial over the mesh, with the Modbus/TCP unit id used to select which 64-bit MAC address the Modbus serial slave it at.

There is not current support for the CP-X4 to use Realport to directly access the embedded RF module.

One possible solution would be to connect a dev board with the RF module of choice to the external serial port and use Realport service to that.

However that may defeat the purpose of having a embedded RF module in the unit!

Just curious, what application are looking to use with the RF module that you can use if you have direct access to the radio rather than through the python environment on the device?

It’s too bad you don’t seem to be able to do this with the X4. I have a serial RF modem I can try on the serial port until I can track down an X2.

In this case the application is sending Modbus serial over the mesh.

The X4 will do simple Modbus-in-IP to Mesh bridging already. So you can use Digi RealPort in UDP mode to (for example) send Modbus/RTU-in-UDP/IP to the X4, and the X4’s “Industrial Automation” settings will forward the traffic for you. This bridge is independent of Python - and conflicts, so you can either let Python or the Modbus bridge own the “mesh”, but they won’t share.

However, you can also use localhost ( to let the Modbus bridge manage the mesh, but Python can be Master and Slave with either Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU into the engine.

Connect Port X2 (latest firmware) supports Real Port, an Application note is given by Digi regarding Real Port on X2.
Please contact Digi Technical Support,