Migration from XBee ZB to ConnectPort X4


We have an XBee device with ZB firmware. It is connected to a PC via USB-to-serial connection. We have developed ZigBee-network monitoring and control software over the serial connection: a program sends XBee packets directly to the COMM port.

Now we want to use the same software with ConnectPort X4. How should ConnectPort X4 be configured in order to receive XBee frames, as defined in XBee ZB RF Modules Manual? I.e. what are the configuration steps, so that the PC sees the XBee module inside the ConnectPort X4 as COMM port?

I went through ConnectPort™ X Family User’s Guide but could not find out if it will be possible to somehow use RealPort to map a virtual port to XBee’s serial port. I do not have the hardware - just want to check the possiblity at first.

Any hints are appreciated.


It is not possible to put the CP-X4 in “direct access” mode currently. The ConnectPort X2 has such a firmware called Direct Access.

With the X4 you’d typically have a python application running on the gateway itself, which would pre-process your information and route it to your destination.