ConnectPort X4 show serial data from XBee on web

Hi, Bought a ConnectPort X4 Kit a while ago.
I need to show data received on a Xbee serial port on a web page.
I have tried to find an example, and seached the forum, but came up short.
Do you have any example I can build on? - or could you give me some hints?
I created a yml, and tried to run it on the PC, and of cause I hit the wall - not implemented on PC platform.
I am not shure how to implement it. Is the web on the ConnectPort excuting the python scripts as a CGI?
I have a controller measuring temperature from 4 sensors. The controller is pushing out 4 lines of text, one for each temperature measured, to the serial port on XBee.
How to implement it.
Best regards
Kim Schmock

If you use the Digi ESp for Python, then look at the Python samples and Dia samples. Some read the X4’s serial port, some a remote Xbee’s serial input.

If you are using Modbus/RTU, then there are some powerful Modbus-bridging functions within the X4.