Sending Sensor data to a Connectport Serial port

I’m trying to determine if it is indeed possible to send voltage readings from a XBee AIO adapter through the serial port of a ConnectPort X4? I’ve been able to send some data through but the packet structure is un-readable. Just wondering if this has something to do with an internal translation from the Realport setting or if it is just not designed to push data.

I’m trying to write the signal to an ardunio which will control a serial port on a PLC.

let me make sure I’m understanding the question and the setup here. You want to connect the AIO physically to the RS232 port on the X4 to read the voltages received by the AIO? If so, why?

The AIO was designed to send it’s reading over zigbee and not any other interface.

Currently I’m taking data via the xbee to the connectport x4, I then want to push this data out via the serial port to a PLC on the other end.

The PLC has an input for serial data from a pressure transducer. The distance from the pressure transducer to the plc is too far for me to just run a wire which would be easier.

I don’t know if there is a better way to do this or not but shot any suggestions you might have my way.