ConnectPort X4 CPU speed in MIPS?

I am developping a server application with functions forwarding requests from TCP clients to ZigBee routers nodes. Currently it works well except the the application speed is not fine enough. I emulated the Python scripts on PC platform and found the TCP tx/rx duration is much shorter when clients send requests.

I just want to know if it is the bottleneck of the processor in CPX4 and if there is higher latency caused by TCP/IP stack. The benchmark shows that the CPU clock should not be too high.

Could anyone tell me the actual CPU processing speed in MIPS or just the CPU running clock?

The raw X4 speed won’t be of much help since Python on the X4 isn’t running as a realtime task, plus there is no dedicated floating-point hardware.

My own tests with a simple for loop doing floating point add is that it can handle maybe 100,000 a second. Since FP is done by software, various FP operations will take different amounts of time.

It is certainly no speed-monster :slight_smile: