ConnectPort X8 Sensor Port

My ConnectPort X8 includes a sensor port on the unit itself but I cannot find any specific information relating to this … is the pinout the same as the XBee sensor adaptor and how can I access this from Python ?

Thanks in advance.

The CP-X8 1-wire Sensor Port is designed for use with the same sensors as the DiN 1-wire sensor adapter. Here is a page where you can see the available options:

As far as accessing the 1-wire sensor port of a CP-X8, I’ve added an entry to “desired content” at our Python Mediawiki community, which should give you some other python ideas as well:

Someone filled in the desired content at the page:

Hope this answers the OP’s question.

Hi Admin, great response :slight_smile: but unfortunately the two sensors I have here are from our DIN kit and are both -01 rather than -20 … what is the difference and can I mod the sensors I have ?

Thanks, Nick.

Thanks Mawr … still finding my way around :wink:

I think the difference is the -01 sensors lack a EEPROM that identifies what type of sensor it is (eg, self identifies over the 1-wire sensor interface that it is a temperature sensor). I don’t think you can modify it to become like a -20 sensor.

The -01 sensors are the only ones currently compatible with the XBee 1-wire Sensor Adapter they probably came in your DIN kit.

Ok Mawr, thanks for your help … makes sense :wink:

The -20 1-wire Sensors a have a built-on Sensor Electronic Descriptor (SED) prom, and are necessary to work with the CP-X8. The -01 (non-SED) 1-wire Sensors will not work with the CP-X8, but work with the XBee 1-Wire Sensor Adapters.

To summarize compatability:

rev. -20 - CP-X8 only
rev. -01 - 1 Wire Sensor Adapter only