How to configure XBee module to use with a watchport sensor?

hi there,

I have a watchport temperature sensor which has to be equipped with a XBee-modem. I already tried to flash it as a router/end device AT, but I had no luck reading data from the sensor. When I send a remote AT1S or IS command all I get are “ERROR”-messages from the module.

what parameters do I have to set to enable the modem correctly?


You’d need to plug the Watchport/T 1-wire sensor into a ZNet 2.5 1-wire Sensor Adapter.

The 1-Wire Sensor adapter uses a special load of firmware that disables the UART so the 1-Wire Sensor attached to the adapter will work, i.e. “router/end device AT” firmware would be incorrect. You’d need to have a 1-Wire Sensor adapter loaded with the “ZNet 2.5 Router/Sensor” firmware instead.

Thanks for your answer, I had tried Router/Sensor as well but after flashing the modem I couldn’t set any parameters, which makes sense if you say that the firmware disables the UART.

Since I used a custom PAN ID and the Sensor-Firmware seems to use the default 234 it didn’t connect to my network.

I reconfigured my nodes to use 234 as well and the sensor with sensor-firmware connects and I am able to retrieve my samples with a remote AT1S.

Thanks again

I’m glad to hear you got this working, but I wanted to pass along a tip as well :slight_smile:

In my office, I have a ConnectPort X8 which uses a custom PAN ID and channel.

So the problem becomes: how do I add a new adapter to my custom PAN, when all Digi adapters come configured for a default PAN ID of 234?

My answer is that I have a USB adapter which I’ve loaded with Coordinator API firmware with the default PAN ID of 234.

When I add a new adapter (we’ll use a 1-wire Sensor adapter for the example, since it can only be configured over-the-air), it first associates to my USB Coordinator on the default PAN. I then use XCTU ver. 5141, which supports over-the-air configuration to an API-enabled radio, to migrate this 1-Wire Sensor adapter to the custom PAN ID/channel of my ConnectPort X8 gateway.

Once the 1-Wire Sensor adapter pops up on the ConnectPort X8’s “display mesh” output, I can then use the commandline parameter “set mesh” to set any other over-the-air parameters I want to set, such as sleep modes, etc.

Thanks for the tip.

Since I don’t have a ConnectPort I had to write my own python-stack to send API-frames.

I used my stack to configure the sensor, the idea of using XCTU is so simple that it didn’t came to my mind until you wrote it :slight_smile:

Anyhow I have my network back to my custom PAN ID so I don’t have to be afraid of some “strangers” interfering with it :slight_smile: