How can I configure the XBee sensor LHT without a ConnectportX gateway?


My current setup is:

1 x Raspberry Pi B+, running Noobs
1 x Raspberry Pi to Arduino shield connection bridge
1 x XBee module ZB series 2, 2 mW wire antenna, IC:4214A-XBEE2
1 x XBee sensor, ZB Bat L/T/H, IC:4214A-XBEE2

The RPi with the Arduino shield and XBee module will act (it’s not done just yet!) as a gateway/ZB coordinator in my design and will get sensor data from the XBee sensor LHT and send it further into a database. This all sounds easy and nice, but I have no idea how to actually configure the XBee sensor without the Connectport X gateway provided by Digi.

Does anyone know if I can do it without the gateway from Digi ? And if so, please provide some steps or just point in the right direction please. thank you very much!

The next and only step left for me is to try and configure it through the XBee module installed on the RPi, but right now I lack the adapter for the XBee module, which will arrive in 2 days. Basically I’m waiting for the adapter to arrive so I can configure the XBee module through the XCTU software in order to make it a coordinator and hopefully the sensor will eventually connect to the coordinator. Another problem I will probably face is firmware version, but I will see.

I’ve also installed the DigiPython IDE, but it’s no use without the Digi gateway. Or does anyone know how to make my RPi+XBee module based gateway interface through the IDE?

Can anyone help with some suggestions? This is the first time I’m working with this hardware and the documentation is rather random and a bit misleading from what I’ve read, or maybe it’s just me. I’m a beginner/enthusiast programmer and am very excited about this project. :smiley:

Thank you very much for your attention and help,

Here is your Point. All the Gateway does is use Remote AT commands send using the XBee’s API interface to modify specific settings on the XBee in the LTH sensor.

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OK, I’m sorry if I sound like a noob (which I am in this area), but what I understand from your answer is that I can only modify specific settings on the XBee in the LTH sensor only through Digi’s gateway. IS that right? or are you saying that I can also use Remote At commands through the X-CTU software sent through the coordinator XBee (which is connected to my PC)?

No that is not what I am saying at all. Proving that the radio connected to the processor is in API mode and use use our API interface, any setting on that remote radio that can be accessed via a UART can also be accessed and modified via the API interface and the Remote AT command functions.