Connecting non-Digi sensor node to Connectport X4


We try to create a ZigBee network using Connectport X4 as our coordinator and several programmable ZigBee sensor nodes from ST microelectronics (model STM32W108 application board, running EmberZnet ZigBee Pro stack). When a sensor node runs a basic ZigBee Device Object (ZDO) application, it can establish a connection with the ConnectPort X4. The problem is however how to send the measured data (eg: temperature) to the CP X4, so that they are treated as if they come from a Digi sensor node. More specifically, what end point/profile/cluster should be addressed when transmitting data to the CP X4? What should be the format of data?

Any clue or pointer to a relevant document on this issue will be highly appreciated!

Thank you!

Narada Warakagoda

Unfortunately it is not that easy. The Digi products make use of a propretary binary format documented in the XBee ZB manual.

See section 8:


I am having similar issue:
I have a nondigi zigbee device placed near digi connectport x4 gateway. When I execute device discovery on gateway, the device is not getting recognised, do I have to set any configuration explicitly?