connectport X2-802.15.4 and reading jennic zigbee nodes

i am using JN5139 IEEE802.15.4/JenNet Evaluation Kit,
and on the other side i am trying to read the data i have from my jennic zigbee nodes by connectport X2-802.15.4. i have three questions :
1-are these two compatible with each other or not?
3- if they are not then is there anyway that i can solve the problem and make them be able to connect to each other?
2- if they are compatible , then i cant see the nodes in my xbee network page. i can only see my connectport.
and also i have uploaded the python program that would print the list of nodes connected , into my connectportX2 and that is all but still i cant see my jennic nodes.
this is my firmware : (version 82001596_F1)
thank you

At the 802.15.4 level the Digi nodes and any other 802.15.4 nodes should be able to communicate with each other. That being said, there are comands Digi has added in their firmware that only other Digi Modules will respond to. One of which is the ND (node discover command). This AT command is sent when you press the Refresh button in the X2’s web UI. Other 802.15.4 nodes will not be expected to respond, and therefore, not show up in the UI.

Simple 802.15.4 functions, like transmit and receive will be the same across vendors however. Once additional piece of infomration, Digi adds 2 proprietary bytes to the beginning of their 802.15.4 packet. These bytes are not used by other 802.15.4 devices and won’t mean anyhting to them. You can turn off the use of these extra bytes in the message by setting the MM (Mac Mode) parameter in the raido in the X2. This will cause the unit to use only raw 802.15.4 frames.

hey hi…could you please help me how to connect jennic zigbee devices via connectport x8…please help me…it’s urgent…thank you