Connectport X2 Gateway ZB

I currently have a ConnectPort X2 ZB Gateway, and am trying to make it communicate with a Microchip RF Transceiver (MRF24J40MA or MRF24J40MB), that has the Zigbee Feature Set uploaded onto it, as well as the 2006 Residential Protocol Stack. Node discovery is not occurring in either direction. Do I have to change any settings on the Gateway to make it be able to receive messages from a non-Xbee device??

I do not think it is a hardware compatibility issue, because on the Digi website for the XBee ZB modules,
( it says it is interoperable with devices from other vendors as long as the Zigbee Feature set is uploaded. But I may be wrong.

I would appreciate any kind of help, especially from anyone who has worked with devices from different vendors, on how I need to make such devices compatible.

In normal case, if your device is having zigbee 2006 version and your xbee is also having zigbee 2006 firmware virsion, then it is posibility to get connected. But it is never ensured that you can access all the functions of xbee. So it is never desirable to use two different vendor zigbees. So, you can interface you microcontroller to the another xbee through UART interface

You may need to set the ZS (ZigBee Stack) setting to 1 or 2, instead of the default of zero.