CC2530 and Connectport X2

Has anyone had any experience of making a TI CC2530 chip talk to a Connectport X?

I’m fairly new to this, and looking for a little guidance in this area, as I can’t seem to get the ConnectPort to see the CC2530 in its zigbee network.


Any updates on this?

I need some help here as well. I am using ConnectPort X4.

Ah… sorry. I shud have replied that I’ve solved this. Set ZS=0x0#.

Basically what this does is to set the Zigbee Stack Profile used. 0x00 (Default) is the the manufacturer’s (Digi) ZB Stack profile. 0x01 is the Zigbee-2006 profile. 0x02 is the Zigbee-2007 profile

All solutions should be the same (between X2 and X4) because you are really connecting to the XBee within the unit. The ‘gateway’ hardware is NOT related to ZB association issues.

In my device configuration settings there is no field called ZS. This is what I have
CCA threshold (CA): -dBm (36-80)
Operating channel (CH): (0xb-0x1a)
Coordinator association (A2): bitfield (0x0-0x7)
Coordinator enable (CE): (0-2)
Random delay slots (RN): (0-3)
Node discovery timeout (NT): x 100 msec (1-252)
Encryption enable (EE): (0-1)
End device association (A1): bitfield (0x0-0xf)
Link encryption key (KY): (0-16 bytes)
MAC mode (MM): (0-3)
Network address (MY): (0x0-0xffff)
Node identifier (NI): (0-20 chars)
PAN identifier (ID): (0x0-0xffff)
Transmit power level (PL): (0-4)
Scan channels (SC): bitfield (0x1-0xffff)
Scan duration (SD): exponent (0-15)
Cyclic sleep period (SP): x 10 msec (0-26800)
XBee retries (RR): (0-6 )

Can you please suggest me in there which value represent ZigBee Stack?

what firmware are u using? Can you upload the .pro file over here? The .pro file is the profile settings of the firmware that you use to flash on the X-CTU.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just go to the Telnet window that connects to the machine (CPX2) and type

disp xbee

The settings you list (like MM) are not Digi settings, plus the Digi perhaps 5 or 10 times that many settings - they must be from the CC2530.

The ZS setting is within the X2/X4, not the CC2530.

Hi this is my device settings. I thing this will content all the information you need.

XBee Node

Node Type: coordinator
Profile ID: 0xc105
Manufacturer ID: 0x101e

RF Module
PAN identifier (ID): 0xffff
Operating channel (CH): 0xc
Network address (MY): 0xffff
Association indication (AI): 0x0
Firmware version (VR): 0x10e6
Hardware version (HV): 0x1846
Device type identifier (DD): 0x10002
Received signal strength (DB): 0 -dBm
ACK failures (EA): 0
CCA failures (EC): 0

Hi lynnl
I get these setting from Digi Web Configuration.

On the Digi Web COnfig, the ZS is the last setting of the “XBee Configuration > Advanced Settings” for the Xbee within the X2. On my X2 it is below the SN and SP settings.

Perhaps your firmware is very old?

mrmrumman, you need to let us know what radio firmware. Run step,8665#28024 first


I need help connecting the TICC2530 to the CPX2 using the idigi cloud.
I’ve just started using this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



My apologies for the double post.

I’ve recently received the certification for the TI CC2530, however I have not yet added the device to the developer cloud.
I have the Connect Port X2 added.

When adding a device via the RPC, the guide says to input the following code:


However, I don’t know where the link key for the TI device is.
Where can i find the link key for the TI CC2530?

in the Zigbee stack (i hope you have already downloaded the IAR workbench trial version), look under ZDO/ZDSecMgr; I think… I’m not sure myself cause I haven’t try SE profile for TI yet. But from the looks of it, it looks like there are some zigbee security settings in the code.

You can upload here. pro file? pro file that you use the flash on the X - CTU’s firmware configuration file settings.