Are there any compatible zigbee devices? I.E. can I mix ember, integration, freescale or other zigbee devices in a digi network? Anyone have experience doing this?



An 802.15.4 product such as the XBee 802.15.4 module is not actually classified as a ZigBee product but is what the ZigBee standard is build on top of. However, if you set the MM command to the proper MAC mode and the other device follows the RAW 802.15.4 specifications, both devices will be able to intercommunicate.

actuly i have the very same problem , i am using a jennic zigbee deivce and i m trying to connect it with a connect port x2 , i tried to come down one level down to 802.15.4 so that i can manage to get them to comminicute with each other but still i cant , my question is that how can i get to configure my MAC mode? is the reason of not being able to have them comminicaute with each other is due to not having MM properly set?