XBEE Series 2

Hi There

I have two XBEE Series 2 modules (serial: XB24-BCIT-*) which I have flashed with the XB24-ZB firmware version 2164. I have got these communicating in both AT and API mode with no real problems. My understanding is that these modules use the Zigbee routing stack on top of the IEEE 802.15.4 radio layer, and thus they should be compatible with other such devices.

I also have a Meshnetics Zigbit AMP board. I’m running BitCloud on this board which, to my best knowledge is a full feature Zigbee routing stack on top of the IEEE 802.15.4 radio layer. In principle, I should be able to get this device to communicate with the XBEE radios?

My configuration is as follows: I’ve set all radios to share a common PAN ID and operating channel. I’ve also tried the various ZigBee Stack profiles (ATZS). However, I just cannot seem to get the XBEE radios to receive packets from the Zigbit AMP. Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed!

My eventual goal is to have the XBEEs operate in API mode (I need them in this mode, so that they can burth out a series of beacon frames, each having a different power level). The Zigbit AMP will send also send out a similar stream of beacons, appending the neccessary frame headers to comply with the XBEE API mode. Perhaps this is a distanct dream…

You are on the right track with the ZS, and I know many non-XBee chip/stacks can work with Xbee. It might take even a 802.15.4 Rf sniffer to understand any issues.

I have not done this, so mainly wanted to answer just to show that people did look at your post :slight_smile: It can be kind of lonely seeking answers!