Are Digi 802.15.4 and TI CC2520 modules compatible?

I am thinking of buying some more Digi products (XBee or XBee-PRO 802.15.4 OEM RF modules) and connect them to Texas instruments CC2530 (Second Generation System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 / RF4CE / ZigBee) modules.
Do you have any experience with that? Are those two modules compatible?

Thanks in advance,

The XBee 802.15.4 modules are just that, an IEEE 802.15.4 product where as the CC2530 module is a ZigBee Chip. As such, they are not comparable with each other as they run at different levels in the OSI model and protocols.

But it says on CC2520 webpage under features that it supports IEEE 802.15.4 systems. So I was wondering if anyone had any experience combining those modules.

I am not aware of anyone attempting to do so. I would suggest checking with TI to verify this module will support a true 802.15.4 connection and if so, how to configure it for that before attempting it.