xbee question

Can a maxstream xbee play with a freescale xbee?

It depends on the protocols & settings.

This is the 802.15.4 forum, and the Digi S1 (or 802.15.4 XBee) uses a freescale chip. This is not the mesh form.

If you are trying to run ZigBee, then it can be harder since the S2 uses an Ember chip and ZigBee stack. Usually setting ZS=2 on the Digi ZigBee Xbee causes it to stop using any Digi proprietary RF packets and be pure ZigBee. So it would then depend on what stack is running on the freescale chipset.

thanks for the reply!

well lets see if i can expand on this question.

A) I have a couple of maxstream xbee for the tweet-a-watt kits, I believe these are series 1 xbee.

B) I have data logging unit that contains a freescale MC13213

C) can the 2 communicate if one can figure out the setting for the freescale?

So the S1 means base 802.15.4 transport frames (not ZigBee or DigiMesh or other protocols).

So if you can get a simple 802.15.4 stack running on your MC13213, then you should be able to communicate.