Zigbee s1(Digi MESH) can communicate with DigiMesh s2c 2.4 GHz mudule or not ??

Will XBee Digimesh s2c 2.4 GHz module support the digimesh pro s1 or not.

I have two devices with me, i.e. DIGI XBee pro s1 (Digimesh) device and XBEE S2CTH (Zigbee) module. So my question is, XBee S2C module will support all ZIGBEE, DIGIMESH and 802.15.4 firmware or it will support only Zigbee(Z2).

Please let me know the answer.

Yes the two are using the exact same protocol and channels. So they can cross talk.

The S2C has a different processor on it then any other XBee module. While it has three different types of firmware to support the different protocols, you can’t simply load on the Code for an S1 module on it. If you want the S2C hardware to support the Zigbee (ZB) protocol, then you need to install the S2C Zigbee function sets and code. If you want the S2C to be a Digi mesh 2.4 module, then you must load on the S2C Digi Mesh specific Code. Same with the 802.15.4 protocol, if you want it to talk to an 802.15.4 module, you must install the 802.15.4 S2C code.

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Thank you. MVUT

So is it possible S2C (with Digimesh firmware) and XBee Pro S1 Digimesh also communicate with each other.

Note: Here, S2C is “normal XBee” device and another one is “XBee Pro”.

Yes a non pro module can talk to a PRO module. The only difference between them is the output power and total number of channels supported.