Xbee Pro S2B - Digimesh Firmware


I’m just starting out with Xbee modules. Looking to create a mesh where all nodes spend the majority of their time sleeping, occasionally wake simultaneously to transmit, then all sleep again.

Digimesh seems to be the best route for this because of synchronised sleep system, but I’m having problems getting the firmware on my Pro S2B Xbee modules. When I select XBP24-DM -> Xbee Pro Digimesh 2.4 -> 8073 in XCTU I get the error message ‘Could not program the radio module > Block size error. Maybe the firmware to flash is not compatible with the module’

As I understand it, it should be possible to put the firmware on this type of Xbee, have I got this wrong? Any advice much appreciated.

Yeah, DigiMesh firmware is not compatible with S2B modules. You need series 1 (S1, S1 Pro) hardware to load DigiMesh firmware on it.

With these modules, create as many End Device as possible (because of children limit per router/coordinator). But rest of the Router nodes and Coordinator needs to be kept awake all the time

If using DigiMesh firmware here but we are still dealing with Coordinator/Router/End-Device, what are the differences? I’ve read the comparison table provided by Digi but I’m not clear why I should use DigiMesh firmware vs ZigBee firmware. Can I send ZDO/ZCL command in DigiMesh?

check out this link for difference between DigiMesh and Zigbee: http://www.digi.com/pdf/wp_zigbeevsdigimesh.pdf

Is it true that DigiMesh doesn’t have ZDO/ZCL capability? Are profile/endpoint/cluster concept applied in DigiMesh?

ZigBee Device Objects layer (ZDO) and ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL) are part of Zigbee protocol and not of DigiMesh. DigiMesh is a separate proprietary protocol of Digi.