Can XBP24-ZB use XBP24-DM DigiMesh firmware?

I’ve recently bought 3 XBee Pro S2’s (XBP24-Z7WIT-004 ZIGBEE MODULE, XBEE PRO ZB). Since then my understanding has grown around the difference between Zigbee and Digimesh in terms of routers, coordinators and end points.

I’m actually after Digimesh in terms of a network of equal nodes. Do I need to buy new digimesh modules or can I load the firmware onto the existing modules?

If I can, what firmware should I be downloading, as there seems to be lots of adapter types but no wire adapter?

If I can’t, what digimesh module would you guys recommend for a 1 mile range within Europe.

Sorry for all the questions!

No. XBP24-ZB modules can use ZB firmware only. DigiMesh and 802.15.4 firmware series need to be run on modules with different hardware than the ‘ZB’ ones.

No, you can’t.
I recommend you take a look at the XBee RF Family Comparison Matrix for more information about the available XBee RF modules and the protocols they support.
There are a couple of modules that would fit your requirements: the XBee 868LP and the XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 International variant.