XBee ZB 802.15.4 compatibility

I’m now using a Xbee DigiMesh 2.4RF.
I need a power about 2-3 mW so I’m very interested in the XBee ZB module.

Can I use the Xbee ZB like the Xbee Digimesh ?

best regards.

That’s kind of a loaded question… use it how?

They have the same physical form factor, but the firmwares are not interchangeable, though they are both a “mesh networking” type of firmware.

Do you have a more specific useability question?

I’m using a XBee without API mode, just sending data in a transparent way. I use also node discover function.

For this type of operation you’d chose one of the “AT” ZB firmware types.

Remember that you need a series 2 module to use the ZB firmware, it won’t work on the same module that 802.15.4/DM 2.4 works on.

It seems out of my M10 easy to use. Easier than XBee really, because there are many possibilities! ORBCOMM is a service. They are authorized by their radios to a large but limited number of countries. To save energy in remote areas (where else?) Suggested that the recovery would be something faster, and if we fail in a few seconds, try again in a few minutes. One advantage is that you start a new era of GPS, it can be used to synchronize clocks. The entries are short, and no doubt expensive, but its a funny thing these shows, not engineers know how much things cost the end user.