Zigbee firmware to Digimesh

I have series 2 XBee and XBee-Pro modules with zigbee firmware 2041 and 2241 (coordinator and router). How can I flash them with the digimesh firmware?

My attempts have been the 8001 and 8003 firmware using X-CTU and X-CTU using RS-232 and USB dev boards from the series 2 development kit.

Each time I try to flash the digimesh firmware I get a Flash checksum error. I tried the Show Defaults trick to no avail.

Is what I’m trying to do possible? If so, how can it be accomplished. I’m having no trouble flashing older zigbee firmwares.

Thank you

Anthony Eischens

Bummer, it appears the Digimesh firmware is only for Series 1 radios, that’d be my malfunction in trying to use Series 2.