ConnectPort X2 802.15.4, and compatibility with jennic zigbee nodes

i am using JN5139 IEEE802.15.4/JenNet Evaluation Kit,
and on the other side i am trying to read the data i have from my jennic zigbee nodes by connectport X2-802.15.4. i have three questions :
1-are these two compatible with each other or not?
3- if they are not then is there anyway that i can solve the problem and make them be able to connect to each other?
2- if they are compatible , then i cant see the nodes in my xbee network page. i can only see my connectport.
and also i have uploaded the python program that would print the list of nodes connected , into my connectportX2 and that is all but still i cant see my jennic nodes.
this is my firmware : (version 82001596_F1)
thank you