ethernet enabled propietary sensor connected to a ConnectPort X2

is it possible to conect a sensor via rj45 that has ethernet connectivity via a standard TCP socket to a ConnectPort X2 and query the sensor data each time it has zigbee conectivity?

Yes, it is possible to communicate with a TCP socket with these gateways.

I connected my xbee smart plug with ×2 gateway, and done all the configurations.
By Xbee Zigbee Cloud Kit, I created a widget(off/on) to control the plug. But it shows that "failed to set DIO4.
I’d set DIO4 at output.


Have you uploaded and activated (auto-start) the python application?

Also, the Digital Output should be set to “Low”.

Try clicking on the settings icon for the widget, followed by Check Radio Configuration to check the configuration parameters.