I am relatively new to XBees and Zigbee (ZB), but have managed to get a small network of Series 2 devices set up to look at gas meter pulses using my own hardware. I can get data via an Arduino.
I would like to explore a bit further and am using Faludi’s book as a guide “Building Wireless Sensor Networks”.
He recommends Connectport X2 (I will be using wired LAN). The book is a bit out of date now and looking at Digikey (UK) there are Connectports and Gateways, typical part numbers X2-Z3C-W1-A and X2-SE4-EC-A.
Can someone tell me what the difference is?
All I really want to do look at network, get some data and plot it out - I already use X-CTU, but would like to see what Digi’s Cloud has to offer

I would suggest looking at the XBee Gateway (X2e) (http://www.digi.com/products/xbee-rf-solutions/gateways/xbee-gateway). They are a lower cost version of the Connect port X2.

I think the main difference between an X2 and a Gateway is the functions they offer and the amount of processor power.