ConnectPort X2 and smart energy

Hi everybody,

I have a connectport X2 and I tri to see the command on the SE plateform. I receive always a timed out connection.

Is there a difference in the hardware between a X2 and a X2 SE? of is it the same hardware?

Thank you very much.


Good question, Grigou.

I’d like to find the answer to this. Also, if the hardware is the same, is there an update to the firmware?

What are the differences?

I have an X2. How would I tell if I have a Smart Energy version?


Connectport X2 for smart energy and Connectport X2 uses different firmwares.

Smart Energy network consists of a number of devices communicating over a ZigBee mesh network.



Telnet into the CP-X2 and do a “display versions”.

If you have the 82002458 EOS firmware, you have a CP-X2 SE Gateway.

If other than Smart Energy, it should match up to one of the versions on this page:


My connectport X2 says the following re radio firmware:

Radio Type: XBee-PRO ZNet 2.5 / ZB / SE (0x1a43)
Firmware: XBee ZB (0x2164)

Is it possible to upgrade the radio firmware to talk to smart energy devices or to XBee PRO? The radio type indicates that it should be possible?

Firmware Version: (Version 82001596_J1 10/04/2011)
Boot Version: 1.1.2 (release_82001228_A)
POST Version: 1.1.3 (release_82001229_F)
Product VPD Version: release_82002209_C
Product ID: 0x00A1
Hardware Strapping: 0x07BF

Ok… Then this ConnectPort Gateway Xbee has ZigBee firmware, not ZigBee SE Public Profile.

The major difference between Normal ZigBee and SE is, SE has some higher security and is used for some specific tasks where energy monitoring and controlling is concerned as per the ZigBee SE Cluster Library.

Normal ZigBee can be placed for any RF application when monitoring and controlling as well as data transfer is concerned.

This is kind of laymen perspective of explaining, but as a basic difference this makes sense.

And to answer the question of conversion, the CP-X2 SE uses a different EOS (embedded operating system) than the standard CP-X2 ZB, which has a number of features removed in order to make room for the Smart Energy Framework python application which runs on it. The firmware is specific to the Gateway it was manufactured for, so there is no way to convert between the two.

If Smart Energy is the area you want to use the product in, you’ll want to buy one of our Smart Energy Gateways designed for it.