Connectport X2 and Simple Home net ZOE- MP1 connectivity

Hi everyone,
I have a Connectport X2D Zigbee to Ethernet, which I’m trying to connect to a Simpe Home net ZOE-MP1 (no CBKE certificate). There are two questions that I have.

1.) Does my Connectport X2 support Zigbee PRO?
2.) Will I be able to establish communication sbetween the two devices?

I have tried changing a lot of the advanced settings in connectportX2, but nothing seems to work. I think it might be becasue my X2D does not have Zigbee PRO support or the two vendor devices are not interoperable, and might require the use of Zigbee PRO SE.

If your ZOE-MP1 is a Smart Energy device, you will need the Smart Energy ConnectPort X2 SE model and not the X2D.