Using Device Cloud with other Zigbee sensors

My company has just bought a few Digi sensors and a ConnectPort. We like the device cloud very much. We already have some existing Zigbee sensors. We would like to pay to use Device Cloud. Can we get ConnectPort gateway and device cloud to connect with other Zigbee sensors first before we migrate our solution to Digi?

If by “other” ZigBee sensors you mean devices not manufactured by Digi, yes, you should be able to get them to talk to your Digi ConnectPort gateway (provided its a ConnectPort of the ZB variety. If so, you’ll need to change the ZS (ZigBee stack) AT parameter setting of the Coordinator module in the Gateway from the default of ZS=0, to ZS=2.

ZS=2 is the setting for ZigBee PRO Featureset (aka ZigBee 2007), and would allow cross-compatibility with other manufacturers’ ZigBee devices.