Reset a watchport T sensor

Good Afternoon. I have this watchport T sensor that came with a Starter Kit. It used to work well but now it does not join the zigbee network of the ConnectPort x8. How can i restart or reset the sensor so i can have joined the zigbee network?
The xbee sensor adapter is a S2 reg, number 50001382-11 J
Thank you for the answer.

Hi Alejo!

Do you have physical access to the device? If so, you could push the button by the association led to reset it to defaults. You would likely have to setup the device again, but it should go back to PAN 0x234 with a channel mask of 0x1FFE.

Pulling the radio out of the Sensor adapter may not work either unless you have a dev board setup and know how to rewrite firmware with X-CTU on firmware loads that don’t talk RS-232.

Any more details on how the device no longer joined the zigbee network?

Hi Mawr,

The problem was that I changed the PAN ID and scan channel of the WatchPort T sensor, so now I can´t see it.

I pushed the button but nothing happens.

Any other suggestion?

When you say you pushed the button and nothing happens, does the association light on the XBee Sensor adapter stay solid?

What is the Gateway’s radio PAN ID and scan channel mask? What is the NJ (Network Join) parameter?

I assume if you perform a discovery on the mesh network, nothing besides the Gateway’s radio appears in the list, correct?

Pushing the reset button (inside the little hole labelled Ident) 4 times in rapid succession should have the effect of dis-associating the XBee adapter from whatever it was associated with, and come up searching for a network on default PAN 234.

You’ll know you’ve reset this properly with the 4-button push when you see the Assoc LED go solid for a moment, and know its associated when it begins flashing again.

Also, since this isn’t a python question, I’ve moved this thread to the appropriate forum.

Hello. now it works, i pushed the ident button 4 times as you said and it started again searching in PAN ID 234. Thanks a lot.
By the way, i didnt know how to get in the correct forum, so that is why I created it in the python topic. Sorry for that.

Hi again.
I have another problem now. The zigbee device joins the network but it wont read the temperature. It looks like there is no watchport T sensor attached to it, but in fact it is.
Is there any way to fix this problem? it used to work before.
Thank you a lot.