Device won't join XBEE network

I have a ConnectPort X4 as a coordinator to my XBEE network. Previously, I had an Digi LT sensor, Digi Watchport Sensor and a Digi XBEE Wall Router join the network.

However, recently the Watchport sensor and Wall Router have disassociated from my XBEE network. Now, I can’t get these devices to re-join my XBEE network.

I’ve tried resetting the sensors, power cycling them and changing the configuration of my coordinator but to no success.

Any help in resolving this issue is much appreciated.

I would recommend to read the XBees’ modules documentation, on topic Replacing a Coordinator (Security Disabled Only). The documentation is available in the following link:

Are your modules routers or end-devices? On routers, try to change JV (Scan channels) parameter to 1

Maybe changing the Coordinator’s PAN ID to different unique value will help and set NJ=255.
Also check that if any other Coordinator is near by this network, then there is a chance the Sensor and Wall router to join this Coordinator.