XBEE End Device Not Connecting to Coordinator Network

I am using the following hardware/software
XSTICK: XU-Z11 (network coordinator)
XBEE RF Module: XB24CZ7RIS-004 (desired end device)
XCTU Version 6.3.0

I have my coordinator connected to a USB port on my computer and I have configured it with the following:
Product Family: XB24-ZB
Function Set: ZigBee Coordinator API
Firmware version: 21A7
SC Scan Channels: 7FFE

When my end device system starts up, my uC (XMC1300) sends a network reset to the end device. The associate Associate LED is solid for 2 seconds, flickers out for a brief moment, then solid for 2 seconds, then flashes 5 times at a rate of about twice per second, then repeats that sequence over again. XCTU is not showing a second device in the coordinator network. It is my understand that a network reset resets all of the network parameters on the end device when 0 is sent. It then should freely associate with the first network it finds, correct? Are there any settings on the coordinator side that could prevent this?

Make sure that your SC values on both the Coordinator and End device match. Also make sure that you have not exceeded the total number of end devices that are allowed for a coordinator. IF you have, then you will need to add a router in which the additional end devices can associate with.