Network problem in 24 device network.

We have a network with one coordinator (XBP24 ver 1141) and 24 router/ enddevices (1XBP24 ver 1341). The network was gradually expanded (first 10 router/ enddevices, another 6 and finally last 8). Now we face some problems which were not noticed when we had lesser number of modules.

  1. When all the router/ enddevices are powered up simultaneously (all are connected to mains power with step down to 3 v), we find that some router/ enddevices donot join the network. We had a rare case where none of the router/ enddevices joined. The association LED is solid (not blinking) in the router/ enddevices which didn’t join.

  2. We also noticed a scenario when a router/ enddevices which joined the network going out of coomuncation. It doesn’t tranmit/receive data and also link test fails but association LED is blinking correctly. It joins the network on its own again or after a power reset.

  3. We don’t know which modules work as routers and which as enddevices. Dicovery using XCTU remote configuration shows all as routers.

This issue is affecting the reliability of the set up and now we are worried about suitability of XBee in critical applications.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

We propose to do the following changes.

  1. Change the SC property of the coordinator to work on a single channel (the current channel)

  2. Disable JV property on the router / end devices.

This is based on advice given in a digi manual that disabling JV is advisable on bigger networks.

Will post the results later

try updating the firmware to the latest version…and maybe for debug, just set all other device to router…reason is that, a router and coordinator will have limited number of children. hope it help, and im on the right side.

Thanks for the reply.

Upgrading firmware will be a tough task. We have to remove the equipment from service and bring them to a PC to upgrade and we propose to do this as the last step.

Under 1341 version there is no separate firmware for routers and end devices. Since no sleep option is used, I persume that all are routers only.