Routers not allowing joining devices

I’m experiencing a weird behavior in a network setup composed by several XB24-Z7CIT-004 modules.

My actual setup involves 6 modules:
-1 AT coordinator
-2 AT routers
-2 API routers
-1 end device

Several of them have been showing strange behaviors, although it may be because of some parameter I’m missing.

First, all of them have been setup side-by-side from the coordinator (ATNI=DEJ).

Later, 1 AT router (ATNI=CAL) has been moved to a remote location, far from the coordinator.
1 API router (ATNI=AUX) has been installed half-way the coordinator and the distant router (CAL).
The other routers (ATNI=MIN and ATNI=PER) are kept near the coordinator (same room).
Finally, the end device (ATNI=ROO) is moved side-by-side to (CAL) router. And in a few seconds it drops off the network.
It seems the end-dev(ROO) is only joining the network near under the coordinator.

To make things worst, the remote router (CAL) seems to be unreachable from time to time, even if it’s quite near from (AUX), but again this one also seems to join only by the coordinator.
I’m debugging the devices from (MIN) with X-CTU and the ‘remote configuration’ button, and it seems all routers join only the coordinator. Same happens with the end-device.
For the record, let me state that all devices have been previously configured with same ID, SC reduced to 0x0800 to fix all devices over one channel, encryption enabled (EE=1, EO=0, same KY for all modules), and NJ=0xFF in all devices (open network).

Is there anything I’m missing to make devices join routers?

In an attempt to resolve this I changed some encryption parameters and I ended up with the network splitted in two different networks with the same ID. (CAL),(AUX), and (PER) were happily comunicating in one network, channel 16 with the PANID I configured… and (ROO), (MIN), (DEJ) in the same channel, with same PAN-ID but communicating independently from the others.
I noticed both networks had different OI values (but same ID and OP values for all the modules). Could anyone explain this to me?

Thanks in advance.

What firmware are you using? I encountered somewhat of the same problem with the 2x21 firmware. Some of the AT routers and AT end devices would drop out and when they came back up they would associate with the API router and not the coordinator. I have not tried the 2x41 firmware to see if it has the same problem.

Actually I have discovered I have a mixage of 2x21 and 2x41 versions…

Will try to upgrade all modules to 2x41 and see what happens. I’ll keep you updated about the results.