How can i get them to associate? what am i doing wrong?

i am trying to set up a coordinator and end device. I have both xbee connected to the XCTU and can see both of them. i can not get them to associate. I would like the end devices to auto associate and find what ever channel it needs by itself. Maybe im not understanding something and this is not possible.

coordinators xbee settings
ch b
id 1234
ce 1
a2 4

everything else is default

end device xbee settings
ch b
id 1234
ce 0
a1 6

everything else is default

Im making a simple remote control that will talk to many end devices by broadcast packets.
and i would like to be able to power up the coordinator and set an id and then set the same id on the end devices and wala, lol
but im not getting something correct, any help would be great.


802.15.4 devices don’t require coordinators, those xbee will communicate at default settings.

The main reason to use coordinators on 802.15.4 networks if is you need devices to be able to change network ID or channel dynamically.