End Device Xbee Series 1 not associating with Coordinator Xbee Series 1??

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My Coordinator Xbee Series 1 is already powered on in API mode 2.
After that i powered on my End Device Xbee Series 1 in API mode 2.

I am waiting for association to complete by checking the AI status of Xbee End Device by Arduino Program. So for that I am reading the AI status from the AT response frame after the AT request frame with AI command was sent to the local Xbee.
I am getting the AI status as 0x10 and in between 0x2. And these Xbee is not associating which would give AI status 0x00. I checked the data sheet to know the what that meant. After restarting the coordinator xbee everything started working as normal.
What is the reason for this behavior.

Unless you have enabled the A1 and A2 settings, association does not take place in the 802.15.4 protocol. Nor is it needed. All you need to do is to have two radios in range, on the same Channel and ID values for communications to be possible.

There are very few cases where Coordinator / End Device settings need to be used when working with Series 1 radios. As MVUT has stated, you simply need to make sure each radio has the same CH and ID parameters.

Because you are using API mode, you can set each packet to be either a broadcast packet (everyone hears it and passes it out the UART) or a unicast packet (everyone can hear it, but only the specified radio will send an acknowledge back to the send and pass it out the UART).

But giving a fixed channel, will it be a good design. Since the channel scan does not take place to determine the best channel with least energy disturbance.