End devices losing association, Series 1

I have a system that uses a coordinator and multiple end devices. I recently observed that the end devices are losing association, all at the same time. The AI response is that the allow_associate bit is not set (AI: 3). This doesn’t make sense, as the A2 register is set when I start the coordinator, and it starts fine. Seems to happen a couple minutes into operation.

I recently turned on AES, and this seems to have made the system worse. Anyone have any thoughts?

Coordinator is set to Auto Channel, set PAN, Allow Associate.

End devices are set to Auto Channel, Set PAN, Auto Associate, no Poll on Wake.

I have a report of this happening by a customer, but until I turned on AES, I never saw it in the office.

What API commands would cause the Coordinator to no longer allow association?

Are bit 0 and 1 set on the A1 parameter? What firmware version are you working with?