I’m using 1 XBee as a coordinator, non API mode and auto association is enabled (A2 = 6).
The end device is in API mode, auto association is enabled (A1 = 6) and periodically (IR=32, IT=1) sends 3 analog channels sampling to the coordinator. Both with FW ver 10E8.

If I start 1st the coordinator and only later the end-device it works and I get the analog samples at the coordinator output.
If I then turn the coordinator OFF and then back ON, the end-device association LED keeps blinking as it is still associated with the coordinator (also during the coordinator OFF time), the coordinator also blinks when it returns ON, but no packets are received anymore both from the end-device and to the ED.
If I’m trying to send any message to the end-device, such as DA using the Remote Command API, or any other input to the coordinator data-in, nothing is received by the end-device (the RSSI LED will not go ON), unlike in the 1st state, when it all works in both directions.

I will appreciate any help to resolve this issue.