End device automatic association


I am building an application using the ZBPRO series 2 as coordinators and end devices.
The end device must be able to join to any coordinator network. I am having problems when one coordinator becames unavailable and another becomes available. The end device does not connect to the newer available coordinator and stays connected to the unavailable one. I have found on the documentation I should issue some AT commands such as NR in order to disconnect the end device and make it join again. I would like to know if there exists another way or configuration that let the end device to automatically connect to another coordinator when it become availble without having to issue any AT command. I have found the ATNW (network watchdog timeout) command. Can I use this ?


Are all the modules present in the network belongs to the same pan id?

if u power off and power on the end device module it will be linked up with the new co-ordinator with the same pan id. you can watch the change in the channel when it is changed from one co-ordinator to the other one.

Try that once