Association of a coordinator and an endpoint with two Xbee3

Hi everybody,

Can someone tell me the whole process to make an association with a coordinator and an endpoint with 2 Xbee3 devices ?

I have some difficulties to associate both nodes. Sometimes it takes 30s and other times it takes more than 10minutes to detect the endpoint.

After being associate one time, it is detected in less than 10s. But I need the coordinator to associate with different networks over the time. One day with 2 endpoints at a location and next day 2 others endpoints (that’s why i need a generated PAN ID).

Both configurations are :

Coordinator :

ID = 0
JV = 0
JN = 0
DH = 0
DL = 0

Endpoint :
ID = 0
JV = 0
JN = 0
DH = 0
DL = 0

I have tried a lot of combinations whithout better results.

Hope i will find the solution here.

Thanks !



The Coordinator is not to be a roaming device. It should be per the standard connected to the network all the time. Instead, you should be using a 3rd module configured as a Router that does not have the End device joined to it. This way you can move it from network to network without issue.

Unless you are using API mode, both the Coordinator and router should have the DL and DH values set to either the Broadcast address or the 64 bit address of the other unit.

I would also suggest setting the JV on the end device.

On the router, the JV and NW set. This way, if you do not issue a local network reset when you go to move to the new network, the module will do it on its own after 1+NW times of trying to send data to the coordinator or hear data from the coordinator.

Thanks for your answer.

I’m using API mode, what is the other possibility that not need to specify DL and DH values ?

My guess was :

  • Doing a network reset at each initilisation of end device
  • Have a PAN ID on the coordinator configured to 0 (Random generated pan id)
  • End devices detecting automatically the coordinator

I would not suggest doing the network reset and leaving the end device on its own. The reason being is that the end device will remain awake and looking for a network to join. Doing what I suggested keeps that from happening and allows you to roam as you want.

API mode is generally the only time. But depending on your Micro Python application you may create, it may also leave it the DL and DH at 0.