Why would one of my XBee's not connect to my coordinator?

I have 6 XBee modules of type XB24-BWIT 508-revB. I did a full reset for all of them with the old X-CTU software following the instructions from How to recover from a failed firmware upgrade - YouTube (some of them were being difficult). I installed XB24-ZB ZIGBEE END DEVICE API, latest firmware 29A7. I’m testing connectivity using a flashed Sonoff Zigbee stick 3.0 and zigbee2mqtt. Five of them connect, but one refuses to. The association indication does change, but it goes through all the steps it normally goes through if it can’t find a coordinator.

Any suggestions on what could be the problem or how I could start diagnosing the issue?

You have configured the old devices as Sleeping End devices. Perhaps your Zigbee Coordinator does not support more than 5 sleeping end devices. Try setting one as a Router instead.

I’m very new to XBee. I just realized that I shouldn’t have flashed the XBee chips as end devices and have started re-flashing them as routers. I’ll finish re-flashing all of them and see if that resolves the issue.