control zigbee kit via Visual basic

Hi all;

my project is about sense the temp. value by using (PIC16f877) and i tested the XBee modules in order to T.x & R.x the data packet and it was done correctly.

my ques. is:

i would like to know , if i can control the system by using visual basic??!!

also if there is away to controled by the internet, what i mean by that, my labtop will be the serverm so i would like to control the system by another labtop or PC.

Best Regardes,

You can control the system with VB. Many questions arise before I can give you any more advice. API or AT? Version of VB? etc.


VB 2008

i finished programed the PIC by using C Code.

what i would like now to do?? is to monitoring & controlling the system. In addition i would like to connect that interface with the internet in order to acess it and control it from different PC.